Sungroup Micro Africa is a specialized micro -credit institution offering financial inclusion to the small business population at the bottom of pyramid in Kenya through e-lending.

Our ideal niche target market are businesses people at the bottom of the pyramid in Kenya, like vegetable and fruits vendors, tailors, cereal distributors, small hotel and food court owners, small hardware owners among many others. We are working towards a goal of enhancing financial inclusion through e-lending to support and strengthen community institutions as way of poverty elevation and enhancing financial inclusion.

SMA Ltd has continually focused on growth and we are proud to have launched our first state-of-the-art product dubbed Soko Loan. This is a new credit program product where a member is allowed to withdraw, repay and redrawn again in any manner and any number of times until the arrangement expires. All the transactions are cashless and on a mobile phone.

At SMA Ltd, we endeavor to walk the journey together with our customers in building sustainable businesses and income generating trades. SMA Ltd takes pride in its staff who have immense experience and are top notch people in the field of finance, public relations and administration. The stakeholders of the organization have immense experience in major companies both locally and internationally.

To enhance the quality of life by providing unconventional and affordable financial solutions; to create a brighter tomorrow via e-lending dependable by people from all walks of life.

To foster financial security and to all our clients, stakeholders and prospective clients. To be the leading micro-finance locally, internationally and globally.

At SMA Ltd, we believe in nurturing your every dream that may seem far-fetched for now. We are committed to be recognized as a world leader in supporting the small business population at the bottom of the pyramid.

Our hallmarks of exceptional service to all our customers, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute corporate responsibility to our communities, people and physical environment must be entrenched within our ethos, and translated to our corporate culture, to ensure that we are recognized worldwide as delivering our vision and achieving our mission as is defined

Integrity and Ethics

Guided by strong morals and honesty in our work. We offer you accounting transparency and truth-selling of our products.


Commitment to working with our employees, customers and all stakeholders towards particular goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support for each other.


Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.

Service to Others

We are performance driven, through the lens of humanity.

  • To facilitate businesses at the bottom of the pyramid with working capital
  • To provide an easy non-conventional way of access to credit
  • To improve financial inclusion levels for businesses at the bottom of the pyramid
  • To expand the reach of the business and satisfy demand for our services
  • To create employment
  • To participate in Corporate Social Responsibility to enact positive and social change.


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